Inside The Tree Project

Co-produced with a small team of secondary school students in Whittlesea, Victoria, Australia. Commissioned by the City of Whittlesea for the Into The Light Festival, September 2013.

Shot with a Canon XA10, Lumix GH2, a Canon DVCam and sound with a Zoom H4N. We used a trolly with a seat affixed to it as a dolly and the kids had a lot of fun shooting in the factory where the Tree Project, a memorial public art project, is being constructed, or created!

All up a one day shoot and two days post.

Thanks to the City of Whittlesea, Baseline – For Young People – City of Whittlesea and the folks at The Tree Project for their support.

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…tells the story of how an Australian and international community of blacksmiths, welders, artists and volunteers responded to the devastating Black Saturday bush-fires by creating perhaps the most ambitious public artwork and memorial in Australia – a three tonne, 9.8 meter tall stainless steel and copper gum tree – The Blacksmiths' Tree.