Tips for videographers

Here’s few things to keep in mind when filming on the day.

Keep a steady hand

Hold your camera or mobile with a steady hand. Try to hold shots without moving the camera around too much. Remember what you’re pointing at is likely to be moving so we want to see what the camera sees without too much panning.

Also remember to hold the camera horizontally, like a landscape image.

Use a second smartphone for voice-overs and interviews

Pair up with a friend and use one smartphone to capture video and the other to record your interviews. This way you know it’s going to sound great! Select an audio capture app on your phone and make sure you’re speaking into the right end of the phone! About 20cms between you and the smartphone’s good for audio.

Be mindful

Respect people’s privacy and keep the shots that you want to share about you, your family and friends. If you see something particularly special ask the folks you’ve just filmed or photographed whether they don’t mind being included in the Our Tree documentary. Record their approval on video.

And above all have fun and don’t worry about whether it’s “good” or not. It’s the moment, those special fleeting moments we’re looking for.

Read up!

Here’s an excellent set of easy-to-read guides prepared by the team at ABC Open.

…tells the story of how an Australian and international community of blacksmiths, welders, artists and volunteers responded to the devastating Black Saturday bush-fires by creating perhaps the most ambitious public artwork and memorial in Australia – a three tonne, 9.8 meter tall stainless steel and copper gum tree – The Blacksmiths' Tree.