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Forged from Fire – The documentary

We are on the verge of completing production for a full-length documentary, Forged from Fire, based on all the work thus far produced for Our Tree. This final stage of production documents the completion of the site on which The Blacksmiths Tree is location. Specifically the forging of a root system and benches.

Completing the film will require funding to cover our post-production costs. The completed film will be available for theatrical release and on DVD. The plan is to coincide the completion of our film with the publication of a book about The Tree Project.

Here’s what we’re planning for Forged from Fire.

Financed with the assistance of Documentary Australia Foundation.


Thanks to our contributors

It was a beautiful, touching, memorable day out at the public launch of the completed Blacksmith’s Tree. I spent much of my time filming as unobtrusively as possible, giving people the space they clearly wanted and needed with The Tree.

Many touched the trunk and held out their hands to rub a leaf. Kids searched for the ladybug and caterpiller and others sought out family names from their parent’s shoulders.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve received so far… and with that a very special thank you to everyone who has and will continue to make this project evolve. There’s still plenty of time to send through your photos and videos.

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