Forged from Fire – the documentary

We need your support to finish our film. We’re producing a broadcast length documentary that tells the story of The Blacksmiths’ Tree and what is means to Black Saturday fire affected communities and beyond. Thousands of people helped to bring the Blacksmiths’ Tree into the world. Some of those folks are contributing to our film.

Why do we need financial support?

Pretty much the entire film has been shot. We have around 35-40 hours of footage, countless stills and videos donated by blacksmiths, professional and amateur filmmakers and photographers. We now need to assemble this material into an hour length story. Doing so, and doing so at the highest quality we can muster will ensure Forged from Fire can be seen on both small and big screens everywhere and anywhere. We also want to pay our team of local producers, technicians, composers and musicians who up until now have volunteered their time and expertise.

We need to raise $70,000 to make this happen and we’re doing so with the assistance of the Documentary Australia Foundation.

You can support Forged from Fire by sharing this article, by organising local screenings when we’ve completed our film or by contributing to our fund raising efforts with the Documentary Australia Foundation. Pledge your support here.

Forged from Fire is produced by film-makers, artists, musicians and volunteers from Black Saturday fire affected communities.


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