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How to get involved

Hi! I’m Andrew Garton, a community media arts producer, and I’m producing a unique documentary about The Blacksmith’s Tree Project with the good folks at the City of Whittlesea and The Dunmoochin Foundation.

The documentary is made by us, by those of us who have been involved in The Tree Project, either directly or indirectly. You can be involved in this participatory documentary project by sharing the photos and videos you may have taken at any stage of the creation of The Tree Project, in particular the public unveiling of the completed Blacksmith’s Tree on Saturday 30 November 2013.

Tree Project Launch

You may have used a smart phone… That’s acceptable. You can email your photos to me, publish them online (e.g. Instagram, Flickr) using the hashtag #ourtreedoco, or share you files here.

What we’re looking for?

We’re looking for your personal interactions with The Tree. We’re also interested in what you have to say about it too.

What will happen to your photos and videos?

We can’t promise that everything you send us is will end up in the final work, but we should have at least something from everyone compiled into public exhibition of video and sound.

All photos and videos submitted to the project will only be used for Our Tree which will be screened in public, within galleries and available on the Internet.

As The Blacksmith’s Tree was made collectively so too is Our Tree. We can tell the story about how it was made through the eyes of all who had recorded the many facets of its creation.

Share your files now.